Ober-Boerd started in 1999 when my sister Kelsey and I started in
4-H with one Nubian wether each.  The next year we added four
Boer does (which have since left), and then in the fall of 2001 we
added our first three Oberhasli.
Our herd is mainly based on the FDF-Pleasant-Fields animals that
we first purchased.  Over the years we have added a few other
notable herds to the genetics we have used, all while developing
our own unique "style" of goat. We practice strict culling to keep
our numbers manageable and to keep the quality at a competitive
level.  The main goal of our herd is to produce an animal that is
competitive in the show ring, and on the milk stand.  We breed
for animals who are functional into the later years of their lives,
and who look best when they are mature, rather than animals who
look great as "adolescents" and fizzle when they should be at their
peak.  We show our animals between 10-15 rings every year, and
when possible at the ADGA National Show.  We also participate
in DHIR as a means of evaluating our herd, and to use as
breeding tools.
Please take some time to view the online farm and view each of
our animals in more detail.

So, grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite drink), sit back, relax,
and enjoy our online farm!
Ober-Boerd Dairy Goats
Kirt Schnipke
Hamler, OH 43524