DOB: February 14, 2016

Sire: Windrush Farms APBR Magic Mike
SS: SG Angel-Prairie Brutus Realthing  91 EEV
SD: SGCH Windrush Farms Blizz Mischief  91 EEEE
        (1st/1st udder 2yr old 2014 ADGA Nationals)
        (2016 ADGA Reserve National Champion!)
Dam: GCH Noble-Springs HH Sue
        (1st/1st udder 2yr old 2013 ADGA Nationals)
DS: Hoach's RHJ Hoolahan
DD: Tink's Magical Sydney
*B Noble Springs 50 Shades of Bay
"50" is an exciting young herdsire that will hopefully help advance and push the
herd to new heights (both literally and figuratively!) I have had an ideal type in my
mind for what I want to see in my herd of Oberhasli.  After trying bucks from
multiple different Oberhasli herds, I have ultimately decided that when it comes to
size and scale I simply am not getting anywhere near what I want (even though I
am seeing improvements in other areas.) I fell in love with both Sue and Mischief
the first time I saw each of them (as it would happen, that would be each of them
winning the 2 year old class in back to back National Shows!) When I learned that
Dustin & Justyne Noble (Noble Springs) were breeding Sue to a Mischief son, I
knew I had found what I was looking for!  An important factor for me when
considering adding Alpine blood to upgrade my Oberhasli was that the
temperament of the dam must be very mellow, and not the typical high-strung
Alpine attitude, and also that the dam's head must not be the typical long, narrow
"horsey" type head/face I have often seen in the Alpine breed. Justyne assured me
that Sue had both a beautiful head/face and a quiet, laid-back demeanor and I was
sold!  "50" will be used on quite a few of the younger does this coming fall, and I
can't wait to see what the infusion of new blood does for the herd as a whole!
50's Dam: GCH Noble-Springs HH Sue
1st/1st udder 2yr old 2013 ADGA National Show
(Photos of Sue are property and courtesy of
Noble-Springs. Absolutely no reproduction without
express consent from Noble Springs)
Paternal Granddam:
SGCH Windrush Farms Blizz's Mischief
1st/1st udder 2yr old 2014 ADGA Natls
2016 ADGA Reserve National Champion
50 Shades 2016