Sophie is an AKC Registered brindle (striped) Boxer.  She is 7 years young and still full
of energy and high spirits!  She has had three litters of puppies-2 litters of registered
Boxers, and a litter of half Labradors (she got loose and the neighbor dog took
advantage of his time!)  We kept one of her puppies from the second litter of Boxers-a
fawn female (Scotchie).  I hope to breed Scotchie at some point, but I am in no rush.  
Boxers are full of life and vitality.  They are not lazy dogs, and must be given plenty of
space to run and play.  They are very friendly and affectionate, and we have found
them to be loyal to the family-often "protecting" us from strangers who first come into
the house.  The playful spirit, coupled with the ever-loving personality have endeared
this breed forever to my heart.