DOB: March 3, 2006
LA: 3 Yr  86 VEVV
5 Yr  90 VEEE
6 Yr  91 EEEE

Sire: Ober-Boerd Challenger
  SS: FDF-Pleasant-Fields Alex
  SD: GCH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Tornado  85 +EVV
Dam: SGCH Rachelsie Southern Breeze  86 VE+V
  DS: +B FDF-Pleasant-Fields Windman
  DD: SGCH One*Oak*Hill Macaroon Julep  88 VEVV
GCH Ober-Boerd Bree
2011 National Champion & Best Udder
Bree is a ten year-old with a lot of power, yet refinement as well.  She is a perfect blend of
both her maternal and paternal lineage.  I really admire the strength of feet and legs,
smoothness/correctness of front-end assembly and levelness of topline.  However, the feature
that gets her the most attention is her incredible mammary system.  I can honestly say that it
is the most correct Oberhasli udder that I have ever seen.  The extreme length and fullness of
fore udder is simply impressive, coupled with her height, width and security of rear udder.  
She combines all this with a near ideal medial and teat placement.  Her udder  was awarded
Best Udder at the 2011 ADGA National Show, where Bree was also the National Champion

National Show Placings:
2006 Indianapolis: 3rd place Intermediate Kid
2009 Sacramento: 11th place 3 year-old, 3rd place Produce of Dam (with Lilly)
2010 Louisville: 5th place 4 year-old (aborted 17 days early)
2011 West Springfield: 1st/1st udder 5-6 year-old, NATIONAL CHAMPION, BEST UDDER,
1st place Dairy Herd, 1st place Best 3 Sr Does, 1st Place Produce of Dam
Her younger maternal sister, Lilly, was named the Reserve National Champion!  I could not
be more proud to be the owner/breeder of both of these does!

Bree will be bred to Haycreeks Salute Spartacus. ALL kids are reserved.
Bree: 3 Year-Old
Bree: 4 Year-Old
2011 OBA All-American Aged Doe
Bree; 6 Year-Old