DOB: April 11, 2005
LA: 88 +VEE

Sire: +*B GCH King-Farm Dream Sir Duke C.J.
    SS: *B Willow Run VQ Dream Maker
    SD: GCH King-Farm WMV Lita's Dutchess
Dam: 3-M-Farms Sweet Maddie
    DS: McQuitty-Farm Alston
    DD: 3-M-Farms Lillianna
GCH Chazberry Lane Sweet Dreams
Chazberry Lane Sweet Dreams was purchased in the spring of 2005, and she has been a
joy in the barn.  She is quite a sight when you look at her mixed with all the Obes.  Not
just because she's the only goat with white, but because she towers over the others!  She
has shown well for us, as we venture into the Saanen world.  As a kid and dry yearling she
was often at the front of the line, and she has continued that success as a milking doe.  She
doesn't stop at being a show doe, she's a hard-working doe on the milk stand as well, being
our second-highest producer in a limited duration lactation, with 2100+ pounds of milk.  
She earned her star in all three categories as well, making her a 2*M!
The one thing that has bothered us with this doe, is that she has not given us a Saanen
daughter!  We'd like to increase our Saanen herd, but she seems to have other ideas.  
Dream passed away in 2010 after complications from her freshening.  She did leave me
with a last parting gift-two doe kids sired by +*B Loughlin's Fox Maker-sire of many
competitive daughters including 1st place yearling at the 2009 ADGA National Show!