DOB: March 2020

Sire: *B Ober-Boerd T Vero
SS: +*B Tutlelu Attention
SD: GCH Ober-Boerd T Venti 1*M  2018 National Reserve Champion

Dam: Ober-Boerd Kiss Me, Kate 2*M
DS: Ober-Boerd Roman Candle
DD:GCH Ober-Boerd Love's First Kiss 1*M
Ober-Boerd Kate's Kindle
Ober-Boerd Kate's Kayak
These Kate does come from one of the strongest and most consistent dam lines we have ever bred! They
trace directly back to our foundation doe, Breeze, more than once! Paternally, they also trace back to
our other prolific foundation doe, Tornado.  Over the years we have found that we love criss-crossing
offspring from each of those two does back and forth, and these doe kids live up to the expectations we
have set when crossing these lines back and forth together! We rarely keep two from the same breeding,
but these two are so special we just had to keep them both!
Kite's Dam:
Ober-Boerd Kiss Me, Kate
Maternal Granddam: GCH
Ober-Boerd Love's First Kiss
Great-Great Granddam: CH
Ober-Boerd Lilly
Great Granddam: Ober-Boerd
Love is Love
Great-Great-Great Granddam:
SGCH Rachelsie Southern Breeze
Kayak, pictured June 2020