DOB: February 15, 2014

Sire: *B Vanjust OBRC Dark Knight
  SS: Ober-D'Rainbow Salute Casio
  SD: SGCH Luvruc VAW Bretchje  91 EEEE
Dam: CH Ober-Boerd Lilly  90 VEEE
  DS: +*B CH Tonka-Tails Tipperary Prince  92 EEE
  DD: SGCH Rachelsie Southern Breeze
Ober-Boerd Love is Love
Love is daughter of the 2010 National Champion, Lilly.  Love certainly inherited the
strength and substance from her sire that I was hoping would happen when I made the
breeding to Knight.  Love has beautiful strength of bone and width: starting with a
wide chest floor, deep and full chest and heart girth carried into a deep barrel.  Her
rump is wide and flat leading to a high and wide escutcheon with beautiful teat
placement, giving lots of promise for her freshening in the spring.  She also walks with
the most natural width between the hocks of any of the does on the farm. She
freshened with an exciting udder, one that I feel will be even better than her mother's!

Love will be bred AI to Cream-of-Kansas REM Arrio
Love, 1 yr
Love, 2 Yrs
Ober-Boerd Love's First Kiss

Love's June-born daughter, Kiss (pictured
at right) is a lovely young doe.
Unfortunately, we are still working on
getting her DNA parentage verified as her
mother was in with both Spartacus and
Ober-Boerd Leonidas for the clean-up. My
hunch is that the DNA will show she is a
Leonidas daughter, but we'll wait for the
official "Maury Reveal Moment" to
determine the exact DNA.