Ober-Boerd Vero
DOB: May 12, 2019

Sire: Noble-Springs Brigham Dekker
SS: Willow-Lane Brigham
SD: Noble-Springs MFS Daphne

Dam: SGCH Pleasant-Grove Won Gold Medal
DS: *B des-Ruhigestelle All For Won
DD: CH Pleasant-Grove Cobra Magnet
Ober-Boerd Gold Medal Phelps
I didn't intend to keep Phelps, as there were two different parties that had expressed
interest in a Medal buck years ago.  I contacted each of them and they had moved on in
the meantime, so I decided to keep Phelps for myself, even despite being related to all of
my current Saanens in one way or another.  Even so, he's exceptionally nice, and being the
only Medal son ever born, I just couldn't bring myself to sell him.  So then I got the
hairbrained idea to use him on his two older maternal sisters for a nice linebreeding on
Phelps has some impressive sisters, Sochi being a GCH doe and multiple GCH/RCH wins
and nearly undefeated in the aged doe class throughout 14x shown in 2019.  Another
Phelps sister, Korea, easily earned a restricted leg at her first show of 2019. And Phelps'
littermate sisters were 1st and 2nd at the highly competitive Indiana State Fair and part of
the 1st place Jr Get of Sire there as well!  So, although his use here might be limited, we
intend to use Phelps on a couple does and he will most likely be available in the future.
Finish (2019)
Moment (2019)
Dam: Medal
Maternal Sisters:
Top: GCH Sochi
Right: Korea