DOB: March 2020

Sire: *B Ober-Boerd T Vero
SS: *B Tutlelu Attention
SD: GCH Ober-Boerd T Venti 1*M

Dam: GCH Ober-Boerd Tsunami's Tsquall 1*M
DS: Haycreeks Salute Spartacus
DD:CH Ober-Boerd Tsunami  
Ober-Boerd Tsea Tstorm
Tsea tstorm is one of my favorite kids of 2020. She has the strength and substance I was hoping to
keep from her dam, while already adding depth and angularity of her sire's dam.  She has a long
bone pattern throughout, with width of chest and carries that width from front to rear, finishing
with width of escutcheon and between her hocks. With all of this strength and power, she doesn't
lack any femininity, dairyness, or refinement.  She has a beautiful front end assembly, and stands
on square, strong feet and legs.  
Dam: GCH Tsquall
Maternal Granddam: CH Tsunami
Maternal sister: Tsnow