DOB: March 11, 2017
2018 Lactation: 1-00 196  1004 Milk  30F  29P

Sire: *B Vanjust VDR Double Edge
SS: *B Vanjust OBRC Derschen
SD: SGCH Tutlelu Annielu  92 EEEE (3x ADGA Res Natl Champion)

Dam: CH Ober-Boerd Tsunami
DS: *B Heaven's Hollow Jessie James
DD: GCH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Tornado
Ober-Boerd Tsunami's  Tsquall 1*M
Tsquall is yet another beautiful daughter from Tsunami.  This family is known for their correct
general appearance, especially strong front ends and level backs and rumps.  Tsquall is a beautifully
long-bodied, open ribbed doe with strong head and breed type as well.
Tsquall freshened with a very nice udder. She has a lot of capacity and height of rear udder,
correctness of medial and teat placement and a nicely extended and smoothly blended fore udder.
She was even able to pick up an unrestricted leg as a yearling milker and many reserves this year.
She also placed 5th in a deep yearling milker class at the 2018 ADGA National Show!

Tsquall is bred to *B Ober-Boerd Diaval for 2019 kids
Tsquall: Int Kid
Tsquall's Dam: Tsunami